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Mission: To help you turn your passion into a profitable online business.

Vision: To build a network of online entrepreneurs working together to grow as professionals and elevate the blogging industry.

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            5 Star Online Courses that will help you Grow your Business                 and earn more in 2018.

The MOST popular course I teach is called, "9 Essential Steps to ROCK Sponsored Posts."

9 Essential Steps to Rock Sponsored Posts - a new eCourse

Course Registration for "9 Essential Steps to ROCK Sponsored Posts" is OPEN. Click here for a detailed description of the course and a course syllabus: "9 Essential Steps". I teach the course as time permits, up to three times a year. Each semester lasts 90 days and we meet once per week live via Zoom. Course start date is Wednesday Nov. 8 and registration closes Dec. 8, 2017. We will take weeks off for Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's Holidays. 

The course does more than just walk you through the 9 Essentials for pitching, landing and creating awesome sponsored content, it also looks at WHY you're not getting all the sponsored work you desire. I look at your site, your technique for applying for sponsored posts, and your photos and social following. Then we work on fixing what needs to be fixed - together. 

Through weekly online, LIVE teaching, share threads, and smaller group mastermind meetings, this course will get you on the road to pitching, landing, and creating AWESOME sponsored content that keep sponsors coming back for more.

EXTRA BONUS: Throughout the course, 9 Essential Steps to Rock Sponsored Posts, I'll be sharing Influencer Network Interviews. Learn from the PROS about the biggest mistakes bloggers make, the top 3 things brands look for in sponsored content, and how you can position yourself as a top candidate for sponsored work. A special thanks to Acorn, Linqia, Mom It Forward, and Social Fabric for their help in creating these interviews.

Acorn Linqia Mom It Forward Social Fabric
Hannah Hairston Maria Sipka Jyl Johnson Pattee Kim Janocko
Campaign Manager CEO, Linqia CEO, Mom It Forward Senior Director, Social Fabric
Hannah Maria Sipka Jyl Pattee “Kim”

The Mission of is to help you turn your passion into a profitable online business. Don't miss the live training, interviews, and digital tools being shared by an awesome online community.

​Available for a limited time: Watch my presentation from BYBC 2017 on February 3, in Salt Lake City, Utah. This 55 minute webinar is titled "9 Essential Steps to ROCK Sponsored Posts" and features some of the top content  from my eCourse of the same name. Just click the pink button below to register and get nearly one hour of FREE teaching to help you pitch, land, and create AWESOME sponsored content. 

The 9 Essential Steps to ROCK Sponsored Posts is not the only course I teach. Check out the other courses listed below or go to to see all the courses I offer on Teachable. 

FREE Training

How to Start a Blog

Other sites will ​get you started, but few will take you all the way through how to customize your site and write your first blog post. Click through for the FREE Training.

Interview Series

Influencer Network Interviews

Ever wanted to learn more about Influencer Networks? Learn from the PROS in this series of interviews. These interviews are a BONUS part of the eCourse: 9 Essential Steps to ROCK Sponsored Posts  -->

Earn More in 2017

9 Essential Steps to ROCK Sponsored Posts

In 12 months I pitched, landed and created 100 sponsored posts. 9 Essential Steps to ROCK Sponsored Posts will walk you through step-by-step how to improve your skills in pitching, landing, and creating sponsored posts in a way that keeps sponsors coming back for more. 

Meet Your Instructor: Monica Pruett

My entrepreneurial journey started in 2010, when I left corporate to care for my firstborn, a preemie born at 30 weeks. In less than 2 years I started my first website: where I've built a following of over 20,000 subscribers and 60,000 fans. Navigating the landscape of connecting with networks and brands can be challenging. But with nearly 200 successful campaigns under my belt, I can help you pitch, land, and create AWESOME sponsored content.

Before attending Monica's "
9 Essential Steps to ROCK Sponsored Posts
" course we were focused on creating quality content, visually pleasing photos, and attracting page views. But each month we were barely breaking even in compensation. Monica's course helped us take immediate action and in two months' time, our revenue has gone from about $350 a month to ten times that amount. This month alone we have exceeded $3,500 in revenue!

This course walks you through almost every aspect of blogging. We learned about goal setting, expense/revenue tracking, time management, identifying our avatar/ or target audience. We also learned best practices to create a media kit, business card, and how to present ourselves to potential brands. We learned how to apply to influencer networks. We gained the confidence to value ourselves and how to pitch directly to the brands that made sense. With Monica's strategic leadership we began landing sponsored posts almost right away.

We cannot overstate the value of this course and recommend it highly to both beginner and intermediate bloggers. Monica genuinely cares and is incredibly patient and generous with her time, effort and knowledge base. She is a joy to know and a gift to her students."

Hear Julie's testimony in this 32 second video below.

Jodie Kammerer
Student - Spring Semester 2017 |
John Doe UI/UX Designer


Student - Summer 2017


This course, completely changed my blogging business, and I would suggest this to any blogger that wants to learn strategies, and how to monetize smartly and quickly. Through this course I saw a 400% increase in income."

Thanks to this course, I have been accepted to 9 influencer networks and I am now on by dream brand's "watch list". This course has completely changed how I blog and it has helped me treat my blog like a business. Monica knows her stuff and she will help you get where you want to go. "

Bri Adams

Student - Spring Semester 2017 |

John Doe UI/UX Designer


Student - Spring 2017 


I absolutely love Monica's course! We are only a few weeks in and I can't believe the information I am learning. Monica is so educated and willing to help you with anything! She is so knowledgable and has so much experience.

I would recommend this class to anyone even thinking about it. It's so worth it!"

Britney shares her greatest struggle and how "9 Essential Steps" helped her below. 

When Monica and I met four years ago, my page views were less than 2K per month.

Monica encouraged me to treat my blog like a business, and within a few months I was making a regular income from my blog even though my page views were only 4K per month. 

Now I have a contract with a brand for $10K per year and am an ambassador for another huge company. Monica knows her stuff. Don't miss out on this awesome opportunity to learn from her. 

Herchel Scruggs
Owner |
John Doe UI/UX Designer

The girl is a machine! She delivers on what she promises and truly goes above and beyond the call of duty when she creates a piece of sponsored content, or an e-course. But it's not surprising because that's how she is in real life.

Driven, creative, passionate and loyal.I have no doubt that Monica's new e-course will deliver value at least 10 times the price of the course! I can't wait to hear the success stories of her students as they start to roll in!

Sarah Mueller
Author and Consultant |
John Doe UI/UX Designer

One of Monica's most recent recipes for Herdez has delivered over 745 click-throughs, 18,200+ page views and nearly 12,000 pins on Pinterest. 

Since joining Linqia, Monica has participated in over 16 campaigns, and her 700+ pieces of content have inspired over 10,000+ audience members to visit sponsoring brands’ landing pages to learn more about their products or services.

We love working with online influencers with her level of professionalism and attention to detail."

Eileen R. Bernardo
Senior Communications Manager | Linqia
John Doe UI/UX Designer

Monica exercises a meticulous attention to detail on everything she creates. From the photos to the brand promise she orchestrates content that her readers and the brands love. 

She’s a woman of integrity. And she presents an honesty that is hard to find. I trust her implicitly. If you want to grow your business, Monica is the right person to follow.

Cee Lee Reed
Blogger |
John Doe UI/UX Designer

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