What to do When Your Website gets Hacked

What to do when your blog gets hackedWhat to do When Your Website gets Hacked

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This is a very special note to my readers that could save you $1,000 or more in blogging expenses this year.

What is it?

An awesome lesson learned that I’m passing on to you in the event that you ever get hacked by hackers, and they put crummy malware on your site.

I got Hacked this Week

Earlier this week I asked some friends to share my Salmon recipe to get a little extra attention on a yummy dinner dish I’d created.

Guess what? One of my blogging buds informed me that when she visited my site she was getting a warning about Malware. (XOXO Thank you Jordan for the heads up!)

What did I do?

Well, I called my host first, Bluehost.  Because whenever I have a problem I call them first. They don’t remove Malware but they put me through to a third party group, SiteLock, that wanted to charge me $99 per month to protect my 1400 URLs, and an additional $24 per month for my six other domain names under the H&BH umbrella.

I asked them to send me something in writing explaining the full impact and that I would get back to them.

Then, I called an old friend.

You see, I’ve had this problem before. And a few years ago Bluehost put me in touch with WeWatchYourWebsite.com.

Guess how much Tom charges for site cleaning and 12 months of lock-down malware-free security? $40.

So, let’s do the math… $100 per month x 12 months = $1200-ish

vs. $40.

Write this Down and Save it in your Files in case You Ever Get Hacked

Thomas J. Raef

Founder, WeWatchYourWebsite.com



Why share?

Because Jordan helped me and Tom is helping me, and if you get hacked, it’s my chance to Pay it Forward.

Let’s get those hackers out of our space, shall we?  Know someone who has been hacked? Please pass this info along. We need to have each other’s backs in this blogging space.

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